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Yatrikart is revolutionizing the way last-mile retailers do business with cutting-edge technology solutions. From digitized supply chain systems to a fully integrated point-of-sale system to monitor and optimize their operations, resulting in a more efficient, profitable, and customer-friendly shopping experience. With Yatrikart’s innovative tools and support, last-mile retailers can take their businesses to new heights and build a better future for Bharat’s communities.

Our Mission

To empower Bharat’s last-mile retailers with the power of Brand
and technology.

Our Vision
Equalize access to technology and improve the welfare of millions of lastmile retailers.
What is Yatrikart

Founded in 2021, Yatrikart has quickly become Bharat’s largest last-mile retail network by aggregating existing assets and creating an omnichannel presence. Yatrikart offers a wide range of products and services to meet all your daily needs, including snacks and beverages, personal care items, home care products, pet care essentials, confectionery, tobacco, hygiene products, ready-to-eat foods, over-the-counter drugs, and more. Yatrikart also provides convenient services such as micro ATMs and charging stations. With its extensive network and diverse offerings, Yatrikart is committed to providing the best shopping experience for customers.

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